A great Blog post editor: Windows Live Writer

When working on my Mac, I’ve been using Ecto as my blog editor of choice. It gives me a lot of flexibility, enables me to write the drafts of my blog posts while off-line (I find airplanes a great place to write entries) and integrates nicely with Apple iPhoto. You can also customize it greatly and automated many tasks and repetitive HTML snippets quickly.

On the Windows front, I have also used Ecto for a while. While it works almost as well on Windows than on MacOS, except for the iPhoto integration obviously, you can feel that this is not a native application. Listening to episode 42 of Windows Weekly, I wanted to know more about the Windows Live applications from Microsoft, and especially the one to write blog posts: Windows Live Writer. And I have to say: Microsoft, great job!


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My blog has been updated to the latest version of WordPress

I’ve just finished updating my blog to the latest version of WordPress (2.3.1) and have updated my theme and plug-ins… So far, everything seems to work great. I’ll continue to do a few tests over the week-end. If you notice anything out of the ordinary (outside the fact that I have posted on my blog), please let me know.

My weblog has moved (yet again)

OK, looks like this is becoming a habit of mine: Moving my blog! Well, this time should really be the last one for quite some time. The new URL to access my blog is blog.metrailler.net, and metrailler.net/blog will redirect you there. And this link include the new RSS feed URL. I am very sorry for all this moving around and really hope this is the last one for quite a while. I few of my posts from my previous server have not yet moved over, and I’ll hopefully get that done in the coming days.

I will now look at how to customize the template of this new blog hosting that I use, and will start working on getting my web site back to life. Stay tuned for more in the coming days :-)

My weblog has moved (again)

Yes, I know, I need to stop that… that’s why there is a simple redirect. My Weblog is now in its final position (until the next move). The full link to my weblog is gerard.metrailler.net/weblog/gerardm/, but you can also get there by going to metrailler.net/blog. For those who have RSS feeds, here are the new links for the atom feed, the RSS2 feed and the RSS feed. I can no longer guarantee that the old links will be available for much longer, so please update your aggregator links :)