Hotel Wireless Internet – the feeling of being an ATM

I am a frequent business traveller and regularly use the high-speed Internet connection that is available in Hotel, either wired or wireless. The hotel I stays this week made me feel like an ATM… Interesting feeling!

So that’s what Cash Machines must feel, when the same customers goes back to get some money multiple times a day. Staying at a hotel in Holland for two nights last week, I pre-paid a 24 hours Wi-Fi Internet access for 24 hours at EUR 15… or at least that is what I was expecting to pay.
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Mobile email with a Palm T|X

After using my new Palm T|X for a few weeks, and as a follow-up to my previous blog entry, here are some thoughts about the good, the bad and also the ugly when it comes to this little device. Time flies… It’s already been over a month since I looked at various devices to replace my SonyEricsson P910i. As mentioned in my previous Blog entry, I was looking for a new device (or combination of devices) to provide mobile email access and more. My choice went with the Palm T|X and overall, I am really happy with this PDA. A few things could be improved, very few should be completely replaced and most of them are great! And overall, I am really happy that I don’t have this brick in my pocket all the time anymore :)
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First step to the update of my web site

I finally had a chance to start updating my web site. The first (mini-)step has been to slightly adapt the look&feel of this blog. I’ve decided to undergo a major overhaul of my private web site. I am in the process of creating the new look & feel for the web site using XHTML and CSS. Really fun to finally get back into it.

To get started, I’ve slightly updated the template that came with my Weblog software (Blojsom that comes with Mac OS X 10.4 Server). All instructions on how to customize this this weblog engine can be fund on Brendan Berg’s Weblog. Once my web site has been update with the new style, I will give a final update to my blog.

More to come (hopefully) soon. Stay tuned :)

Looking into a new mobile email device

I’ve started the search for a new mobile email device / solution. Here are my thoughts and final decision of why I chose the solution I selected. And as this blog entry is written during the research and selection process, I don’t know yet what the final result / solution is.
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“The inmates are running the asylum” by Alan Cooper

A review of Alan Cooper’s book with the subtitle: “Why high-tech products drive us crazy and how to restore the sanity”. Looking at why technological devices (and more specifically the software related to them) drives end-users nuts, makes them feel like idiots and do not consider interaction design or a clear representation of the target user during their development.

The inmates are running the asylum

During a discussion with a friend, I recommend he reads The Invisible Computer (perhaps the subject of another blog entry)… in exchange, he told me that I should read “The inmates are running the asylum” without providing me any form of additional information. The title sounded very intriguing and the content was worth reading through.
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The 10’000 feet blog entry

Just because I can, I am writing this blog entry while traveling from the UK to Canada. So, this is how a 10’000 feet blog entry feels like (or more exactly at 36’000 feet according to the co-pilot). Well, not much different from blogging at my desk at home, except that this time, I am I using ecto to type this text while well beyond the ocean (and will post it when I have a network connection, as the plane I am traveling with doesn’t have WiFi).

10'000 feet view

OK, this picture was not taken on this flight, but it still give you a visual representation of where I am right now. And yes, I am a Geek. I tried to find a cure, but now I gave up and just enjoy it :-)

Living in the UK – part 1

I’ve moved to the UK from Switzerland in early 2003… what an interesting experience to live on this Island. Here are a few comment for those of you who are considering to live in Sunny England. And a disclaimer for the natives: I really enjoy it here, but there are still a few things that could be improved. Consider these as constructive comments 😉
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