Slow progress with the update of my web site…

It is taking a lot longer than what I initially expected, but I finally had the chance to make a big first step toward the redesign of my web site. As you can see, the look of my blog has somewhat changed compared to the previous slightly tweaked standard template.

A little background about the new look. It was created using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 on my Macbook Pro… yes, that’s right, CDGS on Mac OS. I wanted to put Parallels to the test and wanted to use my favorite graphics suite to create the web page layout (with CorelDRAW X3) and the slicing on the images (with Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3). The CSS was then hand-written using Textmate which replaced HomeSite as my web-editor of choice since I moved to the Mac.

So about Parallels: I use Windows XP SP2 in my virtual machine, with 512Mb of RAM. The computer inside the computer felt very reactive and was really usable. Much faster than PowerPC applications using Rosetta. Stability and speed of execution where both there during the whole usage of Parallels. The only negative that I had is when I am running on batteries, their life expectation goes down from the 3.5 hours I normally get to about 2 hours max… and the MacBook Pro is ready for my fried-eggs :-)

Overall, I have to admit that the combination of the MacBook Pro and Parallels makes for a really nice Windows computer replacement.

Back to my new design. If you notice anything or have any problems, please let me know. I am trying to get the display of the pages to have the same look on the latest released versions of Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer… IE6 took the longest tweaking to make it work :-)