What is it with receipts from taxi drivers in Miami?

Early this week, I went on a business trip to Miami, Florida and four out of five taxi drivers, when I asked them for a receipt, handed me a paper without writing anything down! I would have been able, at wish, to write down anything I wanted on these receipts and claim the money back… With one little problem: they would all have had my handwriting. Every time I asked the driver to fill the paper out, he looked annoyed, as if these 10 seconds could have been used driving a customer and making money for them.

Then again, after you’ve experienced them driving through the city, it might be just that… The red light is the enemy as it doesn’t make the $ counter go up. Two choices: accelerate and go through even if it is a dark orange or accelerate as fast as possible as soon as it’s about to get green to catch-up the lost time. The biggest problem with these two options is when you have more than one taxi at an intersection… :-)