Highlights about everything

Since I started with my blog, I’ve posted quite a few entries about nothing special, but a few of them cover more of the “everything” side. This section covers a highlight of the blog entries that, from the readers feedback any my opinion, are the most interesting to look at, with a little context information.

Traveling around the world

  • I visited the UK during the summer of 2006… this blog posting is the first of a series of four blog entries about that trip (part 2, part 3 and part 4 are available from these link directly).
  • On the subject of the UK, I posted a few comments about living in that country (part 2 available from these links directly)
  • With all the travel I do, I’ve been surprised that it took so long for the trip to go seriously bad… well, let’s hope it’s the last one for quite some time.
  • I really needed to rant about the towels in the hotels problem.

Best of geek-land

My favorite book reviews

If there are any other blog postings that you like on my site, let me know so that I can add them to this page.

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