My “Best” travel experience (so far)

Well, if it has to happen, it has to happen all at once. I am certain Murphy’s law is very much applicable to my recent travel experience. But on the bright side, my luggage always showed-up.

As the law says: “if it can happen, it will happen”. I must have been pushing my luck for way to long as I rarely have major problems while travelling, except a few luggage delivery delays (never lost), which I avoid by having only carry-on most of the time. But now, travelling seems to catch up with a vengeance. My trip from London (UK) to Boston (USA) via Montreal (Canada) at the end of February 2006 has been an interesting experience that I would rather not repeat in the near future, to say the least.
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The 10’000 feet blog entry

Just because I can, I am writing this blog entry while traveling from the UK to Canada. So, this is how a 10’000 feet blog entry feels like (or more exactly at 36’000 feet according to the co-pilot). Well, not much different from blogging at my desk at home, except that this time, I am I using ecto to type this text while well beyond the ocean (and will post it when I have a network connection, as the plane I am traveling with doesn’t have WiFi).

10'000 feet view

OK, this picture was not taken on this flight, but it still give you a visual representation of where I am right now. And yes, I am a Geek. I tried to find a cure, but now I gave up and just enjoy it :-)

Living in the UK – part 1

I’ve moved to the UK from Switzerland in early 2003… what an interesting experience to live on this Island. Here are a few comment for those of you who are considering to live in Sunny England. And a disclaimer for the natives: I really enjoy it here, but there are still a few things that could be improved. Consider these as constructive comments 😉
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