Packaging size matters…

In the past year, companies have started to communicate about how “green” they are. Apple for example (to pick one) has started publicly announcing how their packaging is shrinking to reduce the size needed for shipping, which I fully support. But when doing so, companies should not only consider the size of the box in which the product comes in, but also the size of the box used for shipping. Here is an example I recently encountered…

And yes, it is about Apple. I place my order for the new iLife and iWork ’09 packages a few weeks back, selecting free shipping as an option. This usually means that my order will be combined to minimize the costs, which was fine for me. And as you certainly know, these two products (as almost all software from the Cupertino company) are packaged in boxes almost as small as a CD case (works for me).

At the time of the order, iLife was still 2 weeks away from shipping, but iWork was available. Well, a few days later after confirming my order, I received the first parcel with iWork, and followed at the end of last week with another box with iLife. But the problem is not that these where shipped separately (I was OK with that as I didn’t pay for shipping)… the problem is much more with the size of the boxes used to wrap the products. See for yourself:


Anything wrong here?

Conclusion: When making public claims about the “eco-friendly” packaging of your products, please make sure to think about the whole supply chain, including the boxes used for shipping.