“Buyology” by Martin Lindstrom

It’s always interesting to better understand why people buy things, what makes them decide that this product is better than this one. One of the recommendations I heard a while back was for a book with the tagline “Truth and Lies About Why We Buy”. The book, called “Buyology” and written by Martin Lindstrom, is well worth the read.

In summary, I really enjoyed the fact that the author looked at existing pre-conceptions (the warning label on cigarettes to prevent people from smoking) and, through scientific research, looked at what really happened in the brain vs. what people tell. Quite a few widely accepted ideas have to be re-considered based on the results presented in Buyology… and it should every everyone in Marketing to think twice about a new campaign.

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Keeping files synchronized across multiple computers

Using multiple computers on a regular basis (and on different platforms), I started looking for a way to keep the files I need most synchronized across all of them, e.g. to give me access to the documents I regularly access on whatever computer I am. Until now, I’ve been using MobileMe’s iDisk from Apple and a USB stick, and after some intensive use, really need to find something better. I had a look at multiple solutions, including DropBox, Windows Live Sync, Live Mesh, BeInSync, Syncplicity and SugarSync. Yes, there is a lot of choice out there, and it took me a while to sort out through all of it.

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Packaging size matters…

In the past year, companies have started to communicate about how “green” they are. Apple for example (to pick one) has started publicly announcing how their packaging is shrinking to reduce the size needed for shipping, which I fully support. But when doing so, companies should not only consider the size of the box in which the product comes in, but also the size of the box used for shipping. Here is an example I recently encountered…

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