iPhone apps: my most used list

I’ve been downloading quite a few iPhone applications since the launch of the app store… but I really don’t use most of them. Here is a short list of those I use on a regular basis and that I would highly recommend purchasing (if not available for free), in addition to the following built-in apps: SMS, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Maps, Clock, Stock, Weather, Calculator, Phone, Mail, Safari and iPod.

twitterific_premium First and foremost, the iPhone is the number one device for twittering, and I’ve been a very happy user of Twitterific since it launched. Yes, I know, there are certainly other twitter clients for the iPhone, but this one does exactly what I want, works fine and has a very clean and simple interface. And because the Mac version of twitterific is also a very nice user experience, I can only recommend you get this one. The only thing really missing here is the background notification push service that Apple promised for September 2008…



rtm As those who have been reading my blog for a while know, I’ve been a huge fan of Remember the Milk for quite a while, and getting support for my favorite to-do lists management tool directly on the device I always have with me made me happy. Yes, you need to have a pro account of RTM, but that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who is serious about keeping track of their tasks with this tool, and the $25 per year are well worth it to support the team behind this great solution.
evernote Not only are to-dos missing on the iPhone and RTM came to the rescue there, but the notepad application is really not that great (sorry of you are the developer of that app). I’ve been using Evernote for a while between my different computers, and being able to access and edit my notes from the iPhone, as well as being able to post new text, voice and photo notes is really great. And here again, the premium yearly subscription is really worth it if you are going to use this in any meaningful way.
byline Keeping up-to-date with your RSS feeds can be a little hard some times. I’ve been using Google Reader for a while, and was using it happily on the iPhone through Safari. But it was lacking some features such as an off-line more (especially for the starred and annotated items) and I was looking for a native application to go through my RSS feeds. Well, Byline integrates really nicely with Google Reader and is a very nice RSS reader. Yes it is a commercial app and you can use the free mobile web version of gReader, but this one works really nicely. And if the notification service comes to life one day, this could be really nice.


1password One application I’ve been using for a while on the Mac is 1Password and it has been a great tool that integrates very well with Safari and Firefox on the Apple Operating System. While they where testing an online password storage service for a while, I was missing (and still am) missing 1Password for Windows. But now that the iPhone version can synchronize the data stored with the desktop application, I am able to remember myself the username and password combination I used for that specific site… and with the encryption they use, I am really not to concerned. The only downside is that my pass-phrase on the iPhone is also rather long to protect the data stored, which can take a while when typing on the virtual keyboard.
units Another nice little utility that I found very handy is Units. Over and over again, I wonder what these inches, Fahrenheits, miles or ounces mean, having been educated with the metric system, and having a little utility on my iPhone that helps me communicate with other people in anglo-saxon countries is really helpful…
tuner Finally, in an effort to figure out a way to use the bandwidth I have (remember my previous post about the 6Gb data transfer limit, well, I’ve never come close to that), I started streaming audio over the 3G network. And even better, I can now listen to Couleur 3, a Swiss-French radio station streaming at 128kbps, Canada or anywhere I have a wifi connection (no, I am not going to do 3G roaming).

An now for the application I can’t wait to be available: Skype. Please, please, please, get my a true Skype application for the iPhone, ideally with voice calls over 3G. I know it is possible as there is a Windows Mobile application and there are 3G phones that have built-in Skype support.

I have quite a few more applications on my iPhone, but the ones above are those I use on a very regular basis. Other apps worth mentioning are iSSH, Jisho Touch, Last.fm, MobileFiles, MochaVNC, SimCity, Sudoku, WeatherEye, What’s On TV?, WinAdmn, WordPress and X-Plane.

And you, what are your favourite apps for the iPhone?

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  1. Thank you for the comment about Fring to get Skype support on the iPhone… but this is not an option for me at this stage. First, it requires WiFi, and second, even then, the lag for voice calls is way to long.


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