My blog has been updated to the latest version of WordPress

I’ve just finished updating my blog to the latest version of WordPress (2.3.1) and have updated my theme and plug-ins… So far, everything seems to work great. I’ll continue to do a few tests over the week-end. If you notice anything out of the ordinary (outside the fact that I have posted on my blog), please let me know.

This might actually get me to jailbreak my iPhone…

Yes, I know, i still have a AT&T activated (on GoPhone) locked iPhone. But yesterday, the port of ScummVM was announced for the iPhone. Getting Days of the Tentacle, Sam & Max or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis on the iPhone, now that’s an excellent reason to unlock and jailbreak my 1.1.2 iPhone. And then I would also be able to get a Rogers account and get back EDGE connectivity that I got hooked to last week while travelling in the US. Let’s see how long I can wait before having all these applications installed on my iPhone.