OK, I want an iPhone

Yes, I know. A few weeks back, I came up with a theory about why I didn’t want to have an iPhone… Well here I am playing with a collegue’s one and I now have to rationalize the purchase decision as I so want one. It takes a while to get used to the keyboard (it sure isn’t a Blackberry) but I start to get the neck of it and the predictive detection works quite well.

The web browser experience is really great (blogging from the iPhone right now) and Google Maps is fun to use. YouTube will be fun, but this small device won’t replace the AppleTV. I haven’t tried the mail client (it is not my phone) and the phone doesn’t work as this is a locked US iPhone with an AT&T pay as you go SIM.

Rogers, can you please speed-up the introduction of the iPhone in Canada? I would rather not want to buy it in the States and have to hack it. Well, let’s see how long I can wait 😉

Update (Sept 18, 2008): the big question is much more iPhone 8Gb or iPod touch 16Gb… is a de-featured device with more space better? After trying out the email client with my IMAP server I’ve got the answer: iPhone, even one where the phone part doesn’t work 😀

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5 thoughts on “OK, I want an iPhone”

  1. I don’t quite get why Apple didn’t include the mail application in the iPod touch. Maybe it wasn’t quite ready yet, and will come with a software update (just as we expect many other things to come to the iPhone with software updates).


  2. In my mind, the main reason why the iPod touch doesn’t include all these extra apps is to get people (like myself) to prefer the iPhone route… keep in mind that Apple not only makes money on the device, but on the AT&T / O2 / … service plan. Ongoing revenue stream for Apple from the iPhone customers who paid their device full price is certainly much more interesting than a one-time sale of an iPod touch. Assuming it is the same OS between both devices, the applications are ready as you have them on the phone version.


  3. I think that it would be better for Apple to put all the features they have on the iPod touch, to make the iPod touch as valuable as possible. If they think that with more feature it becomes “too valuable” and that because of that some will get an iPod touch instead of an iPhone, they can just increase the price of the iPod touch to reflect its perceived value. But hey, I don’t know anything about pricing, so I should just shut up! :)


  4. I would think that Apple’s contract with Cingular (and other carriers) would not allow Apple to do that. But this is pure speculation, since we don’t know exactly what Apple and Cingular have put in that contract.


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