Discovering Yokohama in Japan

I flew over to Japan this week-end, staying in the largest tower of that country, call the Landmark Tower, located in Yokohama. On Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit a little this interesting town. Overall, even without any Japanese knowledge, you can walk around, eat at restaurants and do some shopping. And with my very very basic japanese, I can actually say thank you :-)

Landmark Tower, Yokohama, Japan

Living in Ontario, Canada – Part 1

Or should I be more specific… living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Part 1. I’ve crossed the Atlantic in November of 2006, just in time for winter, which I survived, and am now enjoying my first Canadian summer. To summarize this blog post, I really like living in the capital of this huge country. People are really nice, and many of them speak a language that reminds me of French, hidden behind an accent and some strange ways of saying things, that is for someone who grew-up on the other side of the Atlantic. As for when living in the UK before coming to this side of the world, there are things that come as a surprise to me, some constructive comments and other random thoughts not really worth mentioning. In no particular order, I’ll be covering the milk distribution, the temperature during winter, batteries recycling, the Canadian-French language, buying geek toys, hockey and weather news on USA channels.

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Ontario vs. UK: Which is which…

Yesterday, I went to an Ontario Park called “Murphys Point”, about 150km South-West of Ottawa. Beautiful place. Having visited the UK last year, I was surprised by the similarity of the landscape in Ontario, Canada and some regions of the UK such as the Lake District or Southern Scotland. A hint, one has more hills and mountains than the other… I’ll let you be the judge :)

Is this in Ontario, Canada
Is this in Ontario, Canada?

Or is it this one?
Or is it this one?