Why leave the towels on the rack in hotel bathrooms?

In almost every hotel I’ve been in recent years, there has always been a little card in the bathroom with a text similar to this:

Dear Guest,
Every day, millions of gallons / liters of water are used to wash towels that have only been used once. You can help the environment by putting your towels back on the racks, which will mean “I will use it again”. If you leave it on the floor, it means “please replace”. Thank you for helping conserving Earth’s vital resources.

As a good Swiss who is mindful of the scarce resources on the small planet we all live, I always put my towels back on the rack. But nine times out of ten, when I get back to my hotel room in the evening, I find that all the towels in the bathroom have been changed! This leads me to a simple question: Why did I even bother?

Currently staying in San Diego, California, I guess that the underpaid illegal immigrants who clean the hotel rooms in the region don’t understand English very well, but the hotel management could explain the rule during training. If it’s to make the guest feel he did his ecologically-friendly action of the day to feel better when he steps in his huge SUV as he will have forgotten it anyway in the evening, then don’t bother putting that little card in the bathroom.

OK, I’ll stop my complain. But to all the hotel mangers out there, please stop providing me the impression that if I do this little thing, I’ll help save the planet, and then show me that you didn’t care in the first place and that this little card in the bathroom was just part of the hotel policy to provide a better “experience” to its guests.

Update: Day two of staying in the same hotel… I had to continue my experiment. Well, nothing changed, still got new towels when I came back to my room.

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