“Getting Real” by 37signals

Listening to one of the many podcasts I subscribe, I heard about an eBook called “Getting Real” by 37signals. According to them, the reason for their successful products is because the under-do the competition, and focus on what really matters. The Getting real eBook is a great document full of very interesting insights. Well worth a read if you are in the web services, software or hardware business, e.g. anything that needs an amazing user experience.
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Too many USB charging devices!

Have you noticed that more and more small devices get charged through a simple USB connection… to name a few of those I have: the Blackberry, the Netgear Skype-phone, the iPod, point-and-shoot cameras, the Palm TX (with a special USB cable that Palm doesn’t provide). This is really great, except when you run out of USB ports on your laptop while travelling!
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My weblog has moved (yet again)

OK, looks like this is becoming a habit of mine: Moving my blog! Well, this time should really be the last one for quite some time. The new URL to access my blog is blog.metrailler.net, and metrailler.net/blog will redirect you there. And this link include the new RSS feed URL. I am very sorry for all this moving around and really hope this is the last one for quite a while. I few of my posts from my previous server have not yet moved over, and I’ll hopefully get that done in the coming days.

I will now look at how to customize the template of this new blog hosting that I use, and will start working on getting my web site back to life. Stay tuned for more in the coming days :-)