Visiting the UK, Part III – Scotland

We finally arrived in Scotland. First things first, we either got very lucky, or the weather is a lot better than the reputation would make you think it is! Starting with the Lowlands, we found our ways on the West Highlands, then heading east and finally back down to the Borders region. And once again, for those who think about web services, universal Internet access through WiFi is not yet a reality in Scotland (and it’s the same as the rest of the UK we visited)… many regions don’t even have cell phone coverage!

On our first day in Scotland, arriving from the Lake District, we started with a tour of the South West, which seems to be called the Lowlands. While the sky was slightly cloudy at first, it cleared up very quickly to leave us with beautiful spots of clouds here and there. Driving through Glasgow, we settled for a little B&B near Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond and around, Scotland

Continuing our way North on the west coast of Scotland, we headed for the Highlands. Lucky us, the road in front of us was closed at one point and we had to take a little detour… so here is an addition to the B1234 road recommendations… if there is a road without a name, it’s even better than a B road with four numbers 😉

Getting lost in the Highlands - West Scotland

While Fort William is a touristy place, continuing toward the North West brings you to a place called Glenfinnan Monument. This is a National Trust of Scotland, to Scottish correspondent to the English National Trust mentioned in my previous blog. And the good news is that if you are a member of the English National Trust, you get free access to the Scottish National Trust and vice-versa. Now the one thing to know for those who don’t live in the UK and plan a similar trip… get a membership of the National Trust of Scotland, it is cheaper per person than from its English counterpart.

Glenfinnan Monument, near Fort William, Scotland

Near Aberdeen, we stopped at yet another National Trust called Castle Fraiser. Beautiful places with wonderful gardens and sceneries are always available at these locations. And as you can see from the picture, we had a beautiful sunshine (I did not use Photo-Paint or Paint Shop Pro on these photos) 😉

Castle Fraser, Scotland (National Trust) near Aberdeen

Once we reached the East cost of Scotland in Aberdeen, we started our descent back south towards Edinburgh. Stopping over night in Stonehaven, and having parents who play golf, we had to halt in St. Andrews. The good news for all the non-golfers out there, there are other things to do there than trying to get a ball into a way to tiny hole far away with a stick.

St. Andrews, Scotland

Shortly stopping in Edinburgh, a very nice city, we found our way to Melrose in the Borders. This is a beautiful town that hosts two National Trusts plus an old Abbey. In addition, the whole town is taking part in a flower contest of some sort… Well worth a stop. To bad that the library, which has free Internet access, is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, I’ll find another opportunity to post this blog entry.

Melrose, Scotland

Part of our two weeks tour of the UK, we only had a few days to go through Scotland. Next time, we should try to spend the whole two weeks over there, but that’s true for almost all the places we’ve been so far in the UK. As previously, I’ve uploaded a few more photos from our trip in Scotland and the east cost of England onto my web site. We are now heading down to the South East of England. More of our trip in a next blog entry.