“The Apple Way” by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank

Analysing and learning from Apple, their successes, their failures and their mistakes is what Jeffrey’s book tries to achieve. In “The Apple Way”, Mr. Cruikshank goes through twelve different aspects of this company and the related management approaches to provide insightful facts and ideas on how to run high with almost no market share and build a cult around your brand.

The Apple way

One of the top High-Tech companies of this new millenium, Apple brought the Mac and the iPod, as well as the Newton and the Lisa. This book provides interesting summarizes of the good, the bad and the ugly related to the management and strategy behind the company and the products.

The book description on amazon.com states following:

Shows you how to use the success secrets of Steve Jobs to create a stylistic and technological revolution in any company The computer industry has seen significant losses over the past few years, but one company has emerged with unprecedented profitability. The Apple Way examines how the company combines innovative, integrated product development, exceptional customer support, a high-performance corporate culture, sleek packaging, and cutting-edge marketing to keep the business ahead of the curve and on top of the game. This insightful book divulges how the company’s steps–and missteps–have led to its continuing evolution, and what lessons you can learn from Apple.

The last 30 years of Apple’s history have been made of many successes (from the Apple II and the Macintosh to the iPod) as well as numerous failures (I actually still have a Newton somewhere). Reading through this book, it is a miracle that this company is still around.

This book, divided in twelve different chapters which can be quickly and individually read, provides a lot of data and facts about the very interesting history of the company. While not opening up all the “secrets” to Apple’s business model, it provides a very convincing interpretation and analysis of the facts, the disasters and the triumphs. This include consistency, follow-through, vision as well as making the product and the customer king. It also includes many interesting comments and quotes, such as this one:

“We don’t underestimate people….Rather than making a far inferior product for a hundred dollars less, we gave the people the product that they want and that will serve them for years, even though it’s a little pricier. People are smart; they figure these things out.” –Steve Jobs

Overall, an interesting read. For those who are really short on time, go to the end of each chapter and read the 10 to 15 different lessons (one page per chapter). The rest is really the whole argument and background for that teaching.

Happy reading!