“Creative Business Presentations” by Eleri Sampson

Doing presentations is an important aspect of my job, and I have to say, I really enjoy it. I am always looking at ways to improve myself and am ready many documents and books on the subjet. “Creative Business Presentations” by Eleri Sampson was a great read with many interesting ideas and insights.

Creative Business Presentations

While reading the Presentation Zen Blog there was a reference to the Creative Business Presentation book. After reading it through, I really like the step-by-step approach of this, with many ideas and comments that are worth putting in practice.

The book description on amazon.com states following:

This title provides ideas and templates suitable for use in presentations. The first half of the volume concentrates on the necessary skills for a successful presentation such as adequate preparation, correct body language and keeping calm under pressure. The second half of the volume offers verbal, visual and aural ideas for presentations that are designed to make your audience wake up, sit up and take notice.

Overall, I really liked the approach of providing a step-by-step approach, with many tips and tricks, to presentations. Dividing the different aspects from slides, the styles of presenters and how to prepare provides with multiple check-lists that are valuable depending on how trained you are with presentations. I would highly recommend reading this book for people who do not feel comfortable or are not doing presentations on a regular basis. For the professional presenters out there, it still provides a few interesting insights and bring different ideas to the table that can be worth trying out or incorporate in your next keynote, to make them even better.